Date nights are a staple for any successful relationship.  Sure, your weekly "dinner and a movie" date nights are always a good time between you and your guy- but lucky for you, we have some date night advice that will score you major points and one less trip to that same ol' crowded theatre.

1. Go camping.  What can be more romantic that a night under the stars cuddling with your bae along a warm fire pit.

2. Do yoga.  You know it- finding the motivation to workout after a long day can be hard.  Well, when you make it an opportunity to spend quality time together, you turn the task of exercising into a pleasurable event.  Sign up for a class at your local gym or Lululemon.

3. Re-enact your first date.  Not every first date is a picture perfect fairly tale but it's a memorable story that the two of you will always cherish...or even laugh at. 

4. Have a breakfast date. That's right.  Change your date from night to morning.  Before you check your emails, log onto Instagram or head into the office, start your day with a peaceful meal.  Before long, this ritual will be the best part of your day.

5. Visit your childhood.  Were you the champ at playing Uno? The spelling bee wiz? The best on your basketball team? Or perhaps the perfectionist at making the best cake in an Easy Bake Oven?  Let him see the things that made your childhood memorable and a chance to re-live a part of your past. 

adapted from: Redbook