I grew up thinking my dad was the fun parent and my mom played bad cop a little to comfortably. Now that I am 21 going on 22 I finally realize she was never the bad cop, just an iconic mother of 4! She managed to put all her children through college on her own. She worked 99 hours a week just to make sure we had the opportunity to do whatever we pleased. She grinded for her babies and let nothing stop her from making sure we would succeed. I have accomplished many things and each day my mother motivates me to do more, to transform the world with my ideas.

The second Sunday in May. A day to appreciate our roots. To appreciate the women who gave us life. Should we subject one day to thanking our mothers for revolving their entire adult life around us? No! Every moment in the day one should stop and ask themselves how they got to be where they are. I know, with out a doubt, I am who I am and where I am because of my radiant, God-loving, and strength bearing queen. There is no true way to thank my mother for all that she has done. All I can do is work at being as epochal as she is because Iconic women breed ICONIC women!

Tina Knowles, the recognizable mother of Beyonce Knowles. A mother and business woman who is a forced to be reckoned with. She is an iconic woman in her own right. She opened her own salon after working as a beautician, which became the most successful business in Houston. Then, she began designing for Destiny's Child when money became tight. Tina Knowles then managed to launch her own fashion line and expanded her empire from there. She grinded until all her goals were met and then some. With a mother so determined it was only a matter of time before her beautiful and talented girls would build an empire of their own. Beyonce is a motivator of all women- empowering and healing with each lyric she sings. Solange, also a singer and actress, speaks words of encouragement to women and girls of all ages. Through my darkest nights I have listened to the songs of these two goal busting women. Both paving the way for women of color and women in general. Beyonce and Solange, now mothers, will surely instill the same proverbs in their children just as their mother did for them. On that note, Happy mothers day to the Knowles clan and thank you for being each icons in your own right.

Diana Ernestine Ross, the phenomenal mother of Tracee Ellis Ross. A mother, songwriter, actress and record producer. A woman of many talents, receiving more awards than I can count on both hands. Daughter of Diana Ross stated in an interview, "as if who they are is not beautiful, so women manipulate their bodies for some standard of beauty that is not natural. Women are way fuller creatures and beings than that"! This statement speaks to the souls of women everywhere, myself included. Such words cannot be drilled into the mind but more so taught over time. If I could thank Diana Ross everyday for instilling such ideas and the desire to motivate other women into her daughter I would. But my 365 thank you's still would not suffice.

To all the mothers on this national appreciate day of your roots, Happy Mother's Day! It is because of you that women everywhere are amazing in their own way. Diana Ross and Tina Knowles are two exceptional examples. Every single mother on this planet earth is just as iconic as those two!

Thank your mother and other mothers around you everyday, but especially today, for raising women such as yourself who choose to uplift the female soul.

Kiss your mothers on the cheek for me!


Kyyah Abdul 

photo credit: We Heart It