Meet Stacy J. As the founder of LIVE365 Empowerment, Stacey J. helps women who are stuck, frustrated and overwhelmed with many demands of life. She's most known for her work with helping women create balance between their personal and professional lives. Her goal is to educate and empower divorced, single mothers and entrepreneurs to become the women they desire to be. Through her organization, Stacey encourages, educates and provides resources for today’s modern woman to sharpen her skills in the areas of faith, family, finances, fun, business, health and wellness.

Professional, loving and inspirational are all the terms that describe Stacey J. and she's on a mission to inspire the world by any means necessary. Known for her signature catchphrase “Live your life on purpose” and bubbly personality, Stacey J. is the epitome of the entrepreneurial spirit. Stacey J. is a media personality, entrepreneur and empowerment consultant whose goal is to empower women from just existing to living!. In addition to founding LIVE365 Empowerment, she is also the host of LIVE365 TV, and online TV Show that interviews thought leaders, celebrities and industry professionals. Stacey J. is also the Associate Producer for the syndicated radio show, The Rickey Smiley Morning Show.
(Bio via LIVE365 Empowerment) 

Age: 46
Location: Atlanta, GA
Company/Title: Founder LIVE365 Empowerment
Social Media: Instagram: @therealstaceyj & @live365empowerment Facebook: Live365empowerment  

How did you come up with the concept for your brand?

LIVE365 started as a hashtag back in 2015 a year after my father passed away.  See I'm a daddy's girl to the core and one of the things my dad used to say to me was to live my life and stop waiting for special occasions.  You know how we do, we tend to put things that we really want to do on the back burner until the right time.

In 2014 my dad became sick with pneumonia and was rushed to the hospital. When he arrived he had to immediately be intubated because he was having difficulty breathing. When I received the news, I was on the first thing smoking from Atlanta to Chicago to be by his side. When I arrived the next day, the doctors had just removed him from the breathing machine because he became strong enough to breath on his on again. Excited by the news, I rushed to his side, held his hand and said “Daddy’ I’m here.” Now I know I sound like I’m the only child but I’m not, but I am the baby and I hold my position very seriously. 

While I was there in the hospital along with my brothers and sisters, God gifted us all with the opportunity to hear my what would soon be our father’s last words of wisdom that he often spoke to us throughout our lives. He took the time to speak to us for 2 whole days before passing the torch to my Derrick as the man of the family and to my sister Alicia as the Matriarch. As for me his baby girl he told me not to take any tears back to Atlanta and that I had some great things ahead of me. See my Father knew his children very well. The good, bad and the ugly. After the 2 days we were gifted with his last words he began to become ill again. What I realize in that moment was that God had given us one last opportunity to be with him. To hear him, love on him and to honor him. See I knew my father knew it was time for him to go and what comforted me the most was that he was ready, and he was happy. 

The Doctor told us he would have to go into hospice which we all know what that meant. I knew it was only a matter of time. The day I was getting ready to leave for Atlanta, I laid my head on my daddy’s lap and I cried because I knew that would be the last time I see him alive. He was so weak, but he mustered up the strength to rub my head in comfort that this was it and that he would always be with me. The day left to head back to Atlanta he passed on to be with God. He was 88 years. 

So, what started as talks with my dad about living life to the fullest became a hashtag and soon after turned into a lifestyle empowerment company. My father is the reason for LIVE365!

  Can you take us through a typical day in the life of Stacey J.?

Let me see, it’s 24 hours in a day and I could really use all 24 of them. I’m normally up at 4:30am because not only am I the Founder of LIVE365 Empowerment I am also the Associate Producer for the national syndicated radio show The Rickey Smiley Morning Show. After I’m done with the show I work on LIVE365 creating empowering content, events and products for ready women who desire to have more peace, joy and fun in their life.  

That’s just the professional side of the day. On the personal side I am a part of a blended family which includes me picking up my bonus child (my boyfriend daughter) from school, cooking dinner, tidying up the house, shipping off orders, meetings, spending quality time with the Mister and prepping for the next day. One of the most important activities of my day is I try to carve out some time out during the day to reset. This could range from walking around the pond at the back of my house, taking a walk at the park or going into my office to listen to some jazz which calms me. 

I’m sure my day resembles other awesome women around the world that can relate and I’m so sure I’m missing at least 5 more tasks that I can’t remember. Talk about change, before 2015 I was close to beginning life as an empty nester but in August 2015 my life changed. I met this amazing intelligent, crazy and funny guy that had 2 beautiful daughters ages 3 and 11 at the time. Now 3 years later my days are still full, and I still have a full house, but I wouldn’t change a thing. I have gained more love and more purpose. Oh, and I’m still looking forward to an empty nest, real talk.

What so far has been the most rewarding experience since creating Live365?

My most rewarding experience is when I hear the feedback from the ladies that have attended my events, who have reached out to me to share how something I’ve said, written or from an interview that has helped them. That by far is the greatest feeling because what I do is not about me, but I know there are women out there like me. Women who are overwhelmed, overstressed and just plain over it! They are waiting for the right time to do (please insert whatever that is here) live, vacay, start a business etc. They are hurting from the inside and covering up with the face of strength. 

We are such amazing human beings and when we can truly love ourselves in totality is when our lives begin to shift and take on new meaning. I realize empowering people is something I’ve done for a very long time even when I didn’t realize it. When you find and operate in your purpose, the reward is seeing other people thriving and doing what makes them happy. 

What can women expect to experience with your company?

Women can expect transparency from me. I’m an open book because I know that women need to connect. If I’m holding back or not being real, then gaining their trust will be hard to do. Having relatability is also very important because women unite easier when they feel safe and understood. When you connect with LIVE365 you better be ready for some real feel good interactions. I empower women from the inside out by having them start with self. I believe that one cannot be successful in any capacity of your life if you mentally, emotionally or physically sick from being overwhelmed, living in the past or living too far in the future missing the true essence of the now. I like to work with ready women. Women who want to do and be better and aren’t making excuses. We dig down to the core of oneself, addressing the root of the problem that has them stuck. 

Learn how to greet the unexpected, how to let go of the unfulfilled, and how to stay grounded when the winds of uncertainty are blowing at 100 miles per hour. Your path has a stunning destination, and it will require you to activate your power like never before. I have been on journey through deep, dark waters where I uncovered the most beautiful treasures. I can feel so deeply the transformation that has my heart, mind and a world of opportunities more open and full than ever before. 

As an entrepreneur and public role model, how does the media industry shape your responsibility to influence young girls and women that are watching you?

Whew! This is a different culture than when I was growing up. There’s a lot that I don’t agree with when it comes to the media. It’s a constant overstimulated drug to either keep you in fear or put emphasis getting “more” things that you probably don’t need.

My daily goal is to share with the youth and other women that you don’t have to conform. You don’t have to succumb to the pressure and lies that are all over the internet. That loving yourself where you are is suffice and if you want to be better you don’t have to sell your soul, spend all your money to look a certain. Don’t get me wrong, I used to work in the entertainment industry and in my role as a Producer I must know the latest news and gossip because that’s just the nature of the business. The thing is I don’t have to participate personally in the foolishness. I want young girls and women to know that there’s more to life than what the media offers and that once they find their authentic self …is when she will truly be happy and free.

What do you want your legacy to be?

I would like for my stories, lessons, events, radio show segments to be a vital contribution for influencing not only my family but also the youth and women from all walks of life. If something I’ve said or done can help someone and lead them in the direction they seek then my purpose is done.

Recommended business tool every iconic girl should?

There are a lot of tools out here, but I want to mention 2. One is for business and the other personal. I like the app called Anydo which help reminds me of what I need to do daily and the other is the app Calm. Calm is an awesome meditation app that helps me reset and recharge. 

In your own words, who is Stacey J?

I could share the normal things when people ask this question like I’m a Mom, a business woman blah blah blah but to know Stacey J. is to know that I’m a vibrant, funny, strong willed woman with a lot of passion. I’m feisty, independent, adventurous, sociable and friendly. I don’t like BS or fakeness and I sometimes can be misunderstood. I’m Ambitious, optimistic, enthusiastic and I love to laugh. I’m silly and a kid at heart and I love Reese cups. Now where I am in my life my desire is to keep learning to evolve my life into one that I will leave this earth with no regrets.

If you could have brunch with any group of women in the world, who would it be and why?

Friends and food….2 of my favorite things. I would have an array of women in this tribe. From well-known thought leaders to some amazing women that I like to call silent giants. Let me list a few…I would love to sit down with Michelle Obama (again). Michelle is the epitome of class, grace, beauty and intelligence. A woman after my own heart and she’s from Chicago. I love that she isn’t afraid to be herself and she doesn’t let things rattle her. She is poised but doesn’t take any ish. She has a way of dealing with difficult people and situations without getting loud and obnoxious. She promotes education and a you can do it attitude with everything she does. Oprah was once told she wasn’t made for TV but as we can all see that wasn’t true. She has taken her gift and made it into an empire. She has constantly given back to others which shows she has a servant’s heart. I love that she believes in mindfulness and joyful living such as I.

Who doesn’t like Queen B? Beyonce that is. What I love about her is that she pushes herself to be the best at whatever she sets out to do. She constantly finds a way to evolve with her career that is inspirational and engaging. I admire that although she’s one of many celebrities that’s always in the news, she has mastered not talking her business to the media. You can assume what you like but she ain’t saying nothing! That doesn’t mean her businesses isn’t out there for us to judge however you never hear her say anything about her business which is how it should be. I like that. Joyce Meyers is one of my favorite spiritual teachers. I love when church leaders teach rather than preach. I’m not knocking preaching, in fact that’s what I grew up on however I don’t really receive the message that way. I like to be taught and that’s what Joyce does for me. She’s a great teacher. Last but certainly not least is Angela Rye, girlfriend knows her politics and will get you straight when you are crooked. She has a nice but no-nonsense kind of personality and the world needs that as well.

I have also met some amazing women via social media that share the same passion of empowering women that I do. I’m looking forward to a more formal introduction and scheduling some time to chat with them to see how we can conquer the world together.

What is the primary message you want to convey to your community of supporters?

I want to share the message that so many people have shared before me like Ghandi, Martin Luther King, sadhguru, Eckhart Tolle and Oprah and that’s to live life fully and in the now. To break the generational inflictions place upon us because the generation before us didn’t know. To stop working ourselves to sickness just to be successful, to stop losing precious time trying to build a living and forgetting to live. To start taking time to look within instead of outside. When we remove everything that has contributed to our lives that wasn’t healthy or true is when we can live an unapologetic free and joyful life without the constraints of other people expectation for us. 

Do you have any upcoming projects/events we should be on the lookout for?

LIVE365 recently added an online store with some feel good empowering products and inspirational apparel. I normally host a conference called The LIVE365 Empowerment Experience however this year for personal reasons I’ve decided to postpone the event but stay connected for the new date. In the meantime, I’m working on a few smaller intimate events like a brunch later this summer and a few workshops. LIVE365 is also working on taking the movement on the road to other cities. So yes, I have some fun and engaging things in the works so if women would like to join our community I welcome them to subscribe to our newsletter and social media pages to stay connected. 

In closing, LIVE365 Empowerment is an organization that promotes and believes that life is to be lived every day! Not just during vacation or the weekends. We are in a culture that promotes being overwhelmed, overworked and full days of trying to do it all and not enough time for ourselves. Doing more is being ingrained into our brains and people are finding it more challenging to unplug from this overstimulated world. I believe when there is a lack of balance in a woman’s life it becomes hard to pursue her dreams, raise children, have a healthy relationship and to be a great contributor to this world. LIVE365 Empowerment is on a mission to serve women in ways that challenge growth, create balance, open pathways to new opportunities and encourage women to work together.

I strongly believe when a woman thrives so can her family and community. When a woman has harmony and joy in her life it helps build emotional balance that can lead to more productivity and clarity. It’s time to purge all things that don’t edify your life. It’s time to move from being stressed and start living the kick ass life you deserve!

What do you usually order in Starbucks?

Upside down caramel macchiato with a little extra caramel. 

Favorite way to unwind at the end of the day?

A nice shower, glass of wine, listening to my mediation and cuddle with my King.

Favorite quote?

I have so many including my own but this one has been my favorite lately. “If you don’t prioritize your life someone else will do it for you.” Greg McKeown