This fantastic lady really does it al. She's a full-time college student. An advocate for women empowerment and diversity. And in August 2017, she became the first biracial, African American and East Indian to be crowned Miss India America. India LaRoda is thriving in every way- and she's just getting started.

Name: India LaRoda
Age: 23
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Current Title/Company: Miss India America 2017
Award: International Woman of the Year (2017) award presented by the Women’s of Purpose Organization in the UK
Social Media: (Facebook): MissIndiaAmericaIndiaLaRoda; (Instagram): @IndiaLaRoda 

Take us through a typical day in the life of India LaRoda

My parents built a prayer room in our room so my morning always starts there.  Then, I’ll take my puppyfor a
walk before I head to school. If I don’t have any meetings that day, I’ll go straight home or to the library to study and
do homework.  After, I’ll go to the gym and usually by the end of the night my family and I are watching a movie 
or TV show together.

In honoring your responsibilities as Miss India America, and attending college 

as a full-time student with a double major in English and Biology

(minor in French), how do you maintain the balance between your career, 

school and personal life?

I first and foremost always put my education first.  When I am planning my responsibilities, I try my be
st to organize everything around my school schedule.  The ultimate key to maintaining my balance though
is choosing to be happy.  I’m in a place in my life where I am loving everything I do, and although not every
day is perfect, my mindset and vision remains positive.  I also am thankful to have a strong support system 
and surround myself with like-minded people who are just as ambitious and have great energy. 

You work with so many amazing non-profit organizations sush as 

Smile Traun, IncluseNYC, Pretty2Me, and the Make A Wish Foundation. 

What is the biggest lesson you've learned from working with these groups? 


The biggest lesson I have learned is how strong our society can be when we are compassionate.  It is so heart-warming 
to see people of all backgrounds come together to improve others’ lives.  As a society, we have so much strength
 and power when we all come together as equals. 

What advice would you give to a young girl that struggles to find her 

passion in life?


My advice would be to remain patient, don’t be afraid of change and trust God’s timing.  Every hardship is truly a 
subliminal blessing, every “no” will lead to the yes that is intended for you, and it is the journey that helps shape and 
prepare you into who you are destined to become.  When a young woman begins to embrace herself and her journey 
with confidence and fearlessness, she becomes unstoppable.  

What's the biggest change you'd liketo see for young women in this generation?

I would love to see young women in this generation recognize their worth more.  The idea of worth comes in many facets,
such as being able to voice their own opinions, and understand that what you believe does matter.  Globally,
there are still societies that do not respect women or give them the free-will that they deserve.  I also believe
being in a society where social media is very overpowering and is continuing to expand, it is important women
don’t get lost in the societal standards of what ‘beauty’ is.  People lose themselves in social media, 
and I hope young women choose to use what they believe is an insecurity, as their power rather than a 

What gives you ambition?


My family and my cultural background gives me ambition.  The sacrifices and hard work my parents have overcome and 
accomplish, fuels my ambition to be the best that I can be. I want my younger brothers to see that they can achieve 
everything they set their minds to, and I want to show my parents their hard work has paid off.  Similar to my cultural 
background, I’ve read so many inspiring and empowering stories about African American and Indian women, that have 
sacrificed and helped pave the way for women, like myself, to be able to follow our dreams.  I want to continue the
 momentum of strong, independent women implementing positive and impactful changes in society.  



You can cast any actress to play you in a biopic about your life.  

Who would you cast in the role and why?


I love this question. I would want Halle Berry to be casted because she is a woman of many facets that remains 
confident and elegant.  I think Halle Berry would be able to execute my life in an authentic way because she can relate to 
parts of my life. We’re similar as far as both being beauty queens, biracial, and family orientated.  I also perceive her to be 
an independent woman which I am as well.  Her mother was actually a nurse, and as I am studying to be a pediatrician, I 
love that she has a background of the lifestyle of someone in the medical field.

What do you want your legacy to be? 

 I would want my legacy to be successfully making a positive change in the younger generations lives.  I want the future 
generation to have the resources to get an education, stable healthcare, and never being afraid to be who they are.  

One day I hope to...

Start my own non-profit organization, have a family, write a book and be a board-certified pediatrician.  

One My Favorite Book Is...

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë 

Favorite quote: 

Faith without work, is dead”

photos courtesy of India LaRoda
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