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This fabulous lady's name should be on everyone's lips...just who am I talking about? Vyana Brie.  Talk about an inspiring woman!  Whether you're looking for eco friendly, classic and stylish designs to add to your wardrobe, Vyana is there to help. She’s the creator of the cothing brand "Sault", a stylish selection of garments that tell a story of unity, humanity, nature and style. I absolutely adore Vyana and have to give her a huge round of applause for setting her own rules and daring to be unique. It’s obvious that she knows a thing or two about confidence, sophistication what it takes to build her legacy. Read her fill profile inside.

Name: Vyana Brie Fields
Location: Los Angeles,CA
Title/Company: Owner/Designer of SAULT
Instagram: Miss_Briee
SnapChat: Veebrie
Twitter: @vyanabrie
Websites: and

1. How did you come up with the concept for your clothing brand "Sault?

Well it all came from when I was in a very transitional phase in my life and I was debating where I wanted to hone all my energy creatively. A brand was always in the plan but i didn't think it would be at this point in time but i saw a deficiency in the fashion industry of brands and lines that consisted of quality and purpose. In that realization I created SAULT to not only represent other creatives and artist but to be proactive in the Eco and sustainable  practices of fashion seeing the fashion industry is one of the highest polluters in the world as a designer i felt it was my duty to help in the efforts of minimizing this issue with any efforts i could. In this mission SAULT has only biodegradable,recycled, and natural fibre textiles and made in Los Angeles by manufactures that abide by healthy and safe guidelines for their workers. This is very important to me as person who does her best not only to create amazing garments but things with substance and  the essence of unity,humanity,nature,&fashion. The origin of the name Sault is a play on words of the actual word salt in reference to mans virtue in the Earth, Matthew 5:13.

2. Take us through a typical "day in the life" of Vyana Brie/ Sault. 

Well although Sault is a very direct extension of myself a day in my life and Sault day are completely different. In a Vyana day it starts with nourishing the spirit and mind, prayer/mediation, reading and quiet time to gather thoughts. Then usually follows my fav breakfast avocado & toast or a green smoothie then headed to the gym I love to run. Ive learned personally I cannot be creative without having balance mind ,body,&soul so taking the time for those few things help me to be completely motivated and able to create. Following the gym on a day off I love to spend time with friends get inspiration for Sault, laugh,& enjoy life. A Sault day usually consists of emails with my team after shoot days or manufacturers, content marketing strategizing, and designing for the debut of the Forever Season /16 Collection that will be released in couple months. I do all my own computer illustrated design,technical packs, & even first samples sometimes so I'm very involved, its all a labor of love.


3. What five adjectives would you use to describe yourself?  

Resilient , Curious, Determined, Gentle, Sensitive

4. What is the primary message you want to convey to your community of supporters? 

That you are born with a purpose and with that purpose comes a personal responsibility to fulfill and share it. In saying that I want my supporters to know that nothing is impossible and nothing is easy so you better get to work,,work haha. But seriously, there are no parameters or glass ceilings on a determined person and your individual light must have room to shine so never hide it, don't be afraid because theres someone out there that cares about your cause and your unique voice, its needed.

5. What do you want your legacy to be?

I want my legacy to be a legacy of love, a true commitment to creating and designing for the effect of change  in this world and society. I want leave something for others to enjoy and be inspired by to go out and create their own version of art or design to effect change for future generations to come. I want my legacy to have lasting impact in the forward thinking and progression of the fashion industry so one day in the future only sustainable practices will be permitted and implemented in every country. In return preserve our resources,create more safe jobs and working conditions for people. I want people to look at what God has allowed me to accomplish and say I can do that too, so they can be more proactive in spreading positivity and prosperity in the lives of the people they encounter. 


6. What are some things you believe every woman should consider when starting a business?

Every woman or person in general when founding an idea into a business should consider whether or not they are emotionally, financially, and mentally ready to take on such a strenuous endeavor. It not only takes a lot of time but a lot of energy, my advice is to preplan and utilize your calendar. Planning is so crucial to meeting deadlines and being efficient. Its important to stick to the deadlines you make for yourself and although planning is very important so is action you must do what you set out to do! Also consider who your core circle is, I don't think this is mentioned enough if your around people who don't have faith in you or of no benefit to your business its best you lovingly distance yourself from them in the beginning stages of starting your business. If they can add no value and will prolong your activeness you need to realign yourself with doers.  Stay around and seek to be around people that are business minded and doing what you're trying to do. Be informed so when talking to either investors or legal representatives you know exactly what you want and don't get talked into spending more money or making commitments you don't envision for your business at the current time or ever. Lastly a new business woman should really research if there is a deficiency in the market for the product or idea she is wanting to develop because of the over saturation in every market you want to be able to stand out and or compete. Although its great to be creative and have amazing ideas you have to be business savvy in order to reach actual heighten potential, i would suggest taking some business seminars or courses before starting a business of your own, you can even check with the local community colleges in your area for free one day courses that can help prepare you! 

7. Who are your business heroes? Why? 

My business heroes would be Sophia Amarouso, Yael Aflalo, Karen Civil, & Brendon Burchard. I just admire them because their work ethic and achievement is what I aspire to have one day. They all are people making differences and made a way when odds were against them. They inspire me to know that regular people can  be great.

8. What was the first job you every had? 

My first job was in fashion, I was working for an apparel company who designed kids and junior clothing for mass companies. I did all the entry level work for a head designer, real life devil wears Prada stuff except my boss was pretty cool haha

9. What gives you ambition?

Most would say their family and of course my family does fuel my ambition in some instances but honestly all the times I've failed and all the time I wasted in the past, gives me ambition to keep walking forward with purposeful intent because time waits for no one.

10. Apps I can't live without? 

I can't live without my Bible App its something that is integral in my everyday, whether I just need Godly wisdom or just some clear headed time to reflect. Im also a lover of Instagram who isn't ,but sometimes it can become over consuming so then I have to give it a break haha. I just think its amazing how social media has changed the way creatives are able to share their art and connect with so many.

11. If you could have brunch with any woman in the world, who would it be?

I would love to have brunch with Erykah Badu, she seems like such a whole individual, very centered, and wise. Things I aspire to be as woman, I admire her style,her as a designer,musician, and voice of the people. I love just reading her twitter and the conversations she sparks really make people think. I'd love to just soak up just a bit of wisdom from her and be in the midst of her energy.

12. A girl can never have too many.....

Good laughs, happy girls are pretty girls...laughing is good for the soul and makes you live long!