If there is one thing women love, it's sharing a real and tight bond with a circle of friends they can indeed rely on.  Our friends play a primary role in our lives as they are our support system through life's most challenging and rewarding moments.  Sure, we have our parents, siblings, children and intimate partners to surround us with positive energy and love, but nothing can replace a healthy sisterhood and happiness that comes from a positive friendship.  Building an organic harmony with someone cannot be done overnight and will take time and effort from each person.  Here are all of the tips you need to build long-lasting and genuine friendships.

1. Be respectful.  You don't have to share the same views on politics, religion or parental guidance, just be sure you are amiable of these differences.

2. Be interesting.  Step out of your comfort zone and live a little.  Take an improv class, train for a 5K or learn how to speak a new language.

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3. Be friendly.  Give a gentle smile or a cheerful "good morning" to the person next to you on the elevator.  You never know where these kind gestures will lead you.

4. Be giving.  What positive energy can you pass to someone to make their lives a little easier?

5. Be loyal.  Uplift and stand by your friend- not only in their brightest and highest moments but also in their darkest and tearful times of weakness.

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6. Be honest.  Honesty is the best policy and when you see your friend making a bad judgment call, share your concerns in a spirit of love and care, not judgment.

7. Be yourself.  You were created as the perfect package, so don't be afraid to let your personality shine!

8. Be encouraging.  Share a few kind words or lend a helping hand to a friend that's struggling.  Your actions of love and support may be a blessing for their healing.

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9. Be a listener.  Take the time to get to know someone and listen to their story genuinely.

10. Be supportive.  Make your friends feel like you are their biggest cheerleader in life.  Help them to believe they can accomplish any goal they've set for themselves.

photo credit: We Heart It